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Organic Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser
Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser
Organic Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser
Commercial Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser

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Commercial Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser



Our Bactericidal and Virucidal Sanitiser disinfectant has a QUAT (quaternary ammonium compound) based formulation. The core QUAT ingredient is Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) which is a highly effective antiseptic and disinfectant used in many biocidal applications. It has strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses.

Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser is tested to EN1276, EN13697 and EN 14476 guaranteeing that it is highly effective against a multitude of Bacteria, Algae, Moulds and Enveloped Viruses. 

✓  Free from: Chlorine Bleaches, Triclosan, EDTA, NTA, APEs
✓  EN1276, EN13697 and EN14476 approved
✓  EN ISO 4120 taint test safe
✓  6 months shelf life post-dilution
✓  Dual-action - cleans and sanitises
✓  Doesn't contain perfumes or dyes

✓  Safe on paint, metal, glass, rubber
✓  Effective through a pressure washer
✓  Reduced use of hazardous substances
✓  Phosphate and phosphonate free
✓  Safe in septic tanks if used as directed
✓  Readily biodegradable
✓  Not tested on animals