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Our Packaging

Beyond the Bottle

By 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

We vowed to stop contributing to the plastic pollution crisis five years ago, and have worked tirelessly since to innovate our 

The recycled packaging process

Build up of plastic pollution affecting marine life
UK recycled milk bottles
Our recycled plastic "nurdles"
Our PCR packaging in 750ml and 5L.
Our new packaging: 
- The UK's first post-use 100% recycled HDPE plastic bottle 
- Creates a downstream demand for single-use plastic waste
- Redirects what would go to landfill, our oceans, and manufacturers into new life products
- 70% carbon saving versus virgin plastic 
- Food grade quality - totally fit for all packaging needs
- 100% closed loop innovation 

Delphis Packaging in the press

Read our open letter here

Our cardboard 

Every Delphis Eco cardboard box that we use is 100% recycled content. We don't cut corners, and that's why even the cardboard lining inside the boxes is also 100% recycled content too. Paper and cardboard are the largest contributors to carbon emissions from print. Using 100% recycled cardboard involves 31% less energy, 53% less water and almost 100% fewer trees than virgin fibre.

Download our flyer on PCR packaging here

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