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Face Masks, Set of 3, White
Face Masks, Set of 3, White
Face Masks, Set of 3, White
Face Masks, Set of 3, White

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Face Masks, Set of 3, White


Our pack of three white face masks are designed to protect and be comfortable. These highly engineered three-layer reusable and washable face masks, with SILVERPLUS® technology provide protection against the transmission of infectious airborne molecules. 

The outer layer of the face mask is treated with an antimicrobial and water repellent finish, to kill any microbes on the surface from touching or breathing. The weave of the face masks offer great filterability, without compromising the ease of breathing.

Please Note:  White Masks come with Head Loop application.   

Our mask’s inner layer has a mesh ply filter, made from 100% Polyester, an inherently hydrophobic material. The 2.4mm thick needle punched non-woven filter stops particles greater than 5 microns and offers barrier properties of 75% and higher. This filter layer provides the primary filtration of our face masks. 

For a soft finish to provide maximum comfort for the user. The inner ply of our face masks is knitted in a non-chemically tested polyester to suit all skin types and provide the highest air permeability needed for breathing.

  • Pack of three reusable face masks, 10 filters and storage pouch which can also be used as a mask washing bag. 
  • Our white face masks are made from 40% recycled plastic water bottles and come in a pouch made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Washable Face Masks with over head elastic designed for protection and comfort.
  • Three layered thick white face masks in two sizes - Medium & Large. 
  • Face masks are silver coated with a water repellent outer layer giving natural antimicrobial double action protection. 
  • White masks with 2.4mm non-woven polyester internal filter tested to ISO 14644, stops particles greater than 5 microns.
  • Soft inner layer giving a third layer of protection and maximum comfort. Tested for all skin types and provides the highest air permeability needed for breathing.

    You can purchase spare mask filters here.

    For product guides, information sheets and safety data sheets please send us an email.