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  • Phosphate-free
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Plant-based power

Drain Cleaner & Maintainer (Bio Fizzy Tabs)

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Our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer (Bio Fizzy) tablets are a powerful ecological treatment to remove build-up in pipes, fat traps, drain lines, toilets and septic tank systems.

Once the tablets dissolve, they release millions of healthy bacteria to speed up the natural biodegradation of fats, oils, greases (FOGs), sugar, starch, and faecal matter, as well as other organic waste. Our formula eliminates smells, prevents blockages and keeps drains free flowing without the hazardous chemicals typically found in traditional cleaners and unblockers.

Benefits for your drains
  • Releases millions of healthy bacteria to digest the build-up naturally
  • Prevents blockages & build-up in drain lines and grease traps
  • Keeps drain lines free-flowing
  • Reduced use of hazardous substances which cause pipe erosion and leaks
  • Septic tank safe (if used as directed)
Benefits for your business
  • Prevents overflow & flooding from built-up in drain lines and grease traps
  • Eliminates odours in grease traps and drains
  • Improves staff experience through reduced odour, reduced emptying of fat-traps
  • Safer to use, protecting your staff from corrosive chemicals
  • Reduced risk of fine from community flooding
  • Improve customer experience with odourless drains and toilets
Benefits for your wallet
  • Saves plumbing and maintenance costs associated with blocked drains and grease traps
  • Reduces frequency of unblocking, scraping and emptying from professional services
  • Low-temperature water efficacy, saves on energy bills
  • Controlled dosing with each tablet, only £1 per drain
Benefits for the environment
  • Free from bleaches, caustic soda, phosphates and phosphonates
  • Adds good bacteria into communal drain lines, reducing risk of “fatbergs”
  • Reduced hazardous substances
  • Inherently biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals & pet-safe
For optimal results:
  • First time usage: Initiate treatment by using 1x tablet daily for a week per drain
  • Ongoing treatment: Minimum 1x tablet monthly to promote the multiplication of bacteria, crucial for building up your drain’s natural biofilm and breaking down organic matter. Frequently used drains may require more treatment than once a month.
  • Apply at night to allow bacteria to multiply undisturbed by other fluids
  • DO NOT USE in conjunction with bleaches and conventional unblockers - they kill the beneficial bacteria released by the tablets
  • Use with tepid water only (not hot or boiling water)
  • Heavily built-up drains: may require more than 1x tablet per day initially (see customer testimonials
    below), plungers can also be used once several tablets have been administered for hard blockages.
Instructions for Use 
  • Drain maintenance: Fill sink or bucket with 4-5L tepid water, add 1x tablet, once dissolved, remove the plug and drain, or if using bucket pour the solution evenly into drain.
  • Toilets: Dissolve one tablet into a toilet bowl and flush.
  • Septic Tanks: For maintenance, use one tablet per month for each tank capacity of 4,500 litres.
Areas for Usage

Drain Lines

  • Catering Establishments
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Fast-Food outlets
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Mining operations
  • Military bases
  • Hair & Beauty Salons

Septic Tanks & Toilets

  • Public Toilets, washrooms, urinals and portable toilets
  • Festivals
  • Pit latrines on farms and campsites
  • Construction sites
  • Factories
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Community Centres
  • Government Enterprises
  • Leisure and recreational centres
  • Swimming pool toilets
  • Hostels
  • Student residences
  • Marine care
  • Transport services such as coaches, buses, trains & aeroplanes


Our Drain Cleaner and Maintainer has long been a favourite of industry professionals. Learn more about how they tested our product.



Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Each tablet contains millions of good bacteria which digest the build-up in pipes, fat traps, drain lines, toilets and septic tank systems. When the bacteria comes in contact with organic matter (like food, grease, soap scum and faecal matter) it reacts, multiplies and digests the matter, breaking it down, or biodegrading it, naturally. It’s important to maintain a high level of good bacteria (microbiome or biofilm) in drains to ensure they can effectively continue to digest matter as it’s being flushed into the system.

Regular use of our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets ensures a strong biofilm - a natural resistance against blockages and odours.

How do I know if a drain is blocked?

It’s important to remember that blocked drains are avoidable. Implementing a good filtration system to stop large particles from entering the drain and regular use of our Drain Cleaner & Maintainers tablets prevent blockages from occurring.  

These are the 3 stages of a blocked drain:

  1. The drain begins to smell bad, water begins to drain slower and organic debris has begun to collect on your sinks or bath. Gurgling noises when the drain is emptying.
  2. The smell gets worse, and water drains slower – more build is occurring in your drains
  3. Small passage for wastewater, large particles become lodged and block the drains completely, there’s little water movement your drain will smell very bad. Toilets may overflow after being flushed

What causes a blocked drain?

Most blocked drains are caused by a build-up of food, soap scum and other organic matter in your drains. It’s important to ensure you and your staff are not putting anything down your drains you shouldn’t be.

Major contributors to blocked drains include (but not limited to):

  • Large amounts of oil or grease from cooking
  • Organic food waste like vegetable peel, tea bags, coffee grounds, rice
  • Nappies, tampons, sanitary pads, “flushable” wet wipes, large amounts of toilet tissue or kitchen roll, cotton pads
  • Hair (the drain trap should be regularly emptied)

In summary, the first line of defence in preventing blocked drains is filtration, and then it’s ensuring the drain microbiome is in a strong and healthy state to naturally digest anything that does go down the drain with the regular use of our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets.

Does it unblock drains?

Regular use of this product will prevent blockages,
however if you do find yourself with a blocked drain, this is how our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer can help. It’s important to note that because it’s less corrosive than conventional unblockers, the good bacteria will need a little more time to eat away at the blockage. Sometimes 3 or 4 tablets can be administered over a day to speed up this process and dislodge the blockage. The use of a plunger can help as well, once some time has passed.

However, a blocked drain is avoidable, and the regular use of these Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets prevents drains from getting to the point of being blocked.

Why should you add bacteria to drains?

Our drains and septic tanks have their own microbiome (or biofilm) filled with good, natural bacteria. This microbiome helps digest organic matter that goes down the drain. It’s important to look after the good bacteria in drains to help maintain this natural balance to prevent blockages from occurring. Our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets are filled with the kind of bacteria naturally found in drains, in fact, the type of bacteria we use is grown specially to digest the type of things that go down the drain including grease, fat, soap scum, and other organic matter.

How is it better for the environment than conventional unblockers?

Conventional unblockers tend to contain hazardous chemicals like bleach and caustic soda which burn through blockages. This process also kills everything (good and bad) in drains, and this means in future, the drains won’t have a healthy amount of good bacteria to naturally digest matter as it builds up.

These conventional unblockers are also bad for pipes, and can cause erosion and leakages (especially in older plumbing), not to mention they are hazardous to use and for the environment as well.

But conventional cleaning products are flushed down my sink, don’t they go to a treatment plant, which means they don’t end up in ocean?

With climate change flooding is becoming more common. This means there’s a high chance what is flushed down the drain can end up directly into waterways. In fact, billions of litres of raw sewage have been pumped into the Thames over the last few years. So it’s super important that what we’re putting down our drains won’t harm aquatic-life.

So, how many do I need to use to maintain healthy drains?

If it’s your first time using this product, we recommend 1 tablet daily for a week per drain, and then once a month afterwards. If you frequently use your sink in your business (for example in a restaurant kitchen), you may need to administer this treatment more frequently than once a month – for example, once or twice a week. And remember, it’s best used at night with tepid water.

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