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    Delphis Heroes

    Meet our Heroes – a passionate group of customers who not only trust our eco-friendly cleaning products to provide them with powerful and effective cleaning solutions, but who have also implemented fantastic sustainability initiatives in their own businesses.


    room2, Lamington Group

    Michelle Thomas, the New Openings Manager at room2 Lamington Group, plays a crucial role in upholding the sustainability practices of the most sustainable hometel. As a key advocate for our eco-friendly cleaning products, Michelle not only implemented them at room2 but also uses them in her own home.

    room2, with sustainability as a top priority, strives to create comfortable stays for guests in eco-conscious accommodations. From carpets made from recycled fishing nets to maintaining their own bee hive, room2's commitment to sustainability is evident. Our eco-friendly cleaning products further contribute to their mission, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly environment for guests to enjoy. Michelle's dedication to sustainability and her endorsement of our products are instrumental in making room2 the leading choice for sustainable hotel experiences.


    BM Caterers

    Meet Sam Lawrence, General Manager at BM Caterers, the new star of our "Heroes" Campaign. She sat down with our founder, Mark Jankovich, to chat all things sustainability; from her personal journey to how she's implementing programmes in her workplace.

    Sam and her team look after a staggering 900 customers and guests in hospitality at one of London's largest global law firms. From carbon labelling to their 'Say No to Dispo' initiative, Sam reveals how they're leading the charge to reduce their impact.


    BM Caterers

    Meet Lin Dickens, the creative force behind BM Caterers' marketing endeavours. With Lin's strategic vision and expertise, BM Caterers has established itself as a premier catering company, renowned for delivering exceptional culinary experiences. We proudly provide them with our eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring efficient and sustainable cleanliness as they handle an astounding 100,000 dishes per day. Together, we champion culinary excellence and environmental consciousness in the catering industry. 


    The Bay Fish and Chips

    Introducing Calum Richardson, the passionate owner of The Bay Fish and Chip shop in Aberdeen. With a deep sense of responsibility towards the fish that have sustained his business, Calum is dedicated to nurturing their well-being. Calum Richardson appreciates our products for their commitment to using non-toxic ingredients that have no harmful impact on aquatic life. By making this conscious choice, Calum's commitment to sustainability shines through, creating a harmonious connection between his shop and the ocean. 


    Dames First School

    Edd Moore, an advocate for sustainable practices, plays a pivotal role in educating the students of Dames First School in Pimperne, Dorset. With a passion for promoting environmentally friendly initiatives, Edd is actively involved in the school's efforts to go plastic-free and adopt sustainable practices. Recognising the importance of making conscious choices, Edd has endorsed our ecological and effective cleaning products, both at the school and in his own home.  Edd's dedication and leadership inspire the school community to embrace sustainable practices while staying within their budget. Edd sets a great example for the students and inspires positive change within the school community.


    The Cookery School

    Rosalind, the visionary founder of the Cookery School, shares our deep-rooted values of sustainability. With her passion for food and the desire to create delicious recipes free from additives and preservatives, she embodies the spirit of a true Delphis hero. Rosalind understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment around food, which is why she has wholeheartedly embraced our eco-friendly cleaning products. By opting for our solutions, Rosalind ensures that the kitchen remains free from heavy chemicals while upholding her commitment to sustainability. Her love for our products is a testament to their effectiveness and alignment with her culinary principles.

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