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Giving a Second Life to Single-Use Plastic

Giving a Second Life to Single-Use Plastic

There are 500 times more bits of plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the galaxy.

The fact that 8 million tons of plastic waste is dumped in the ocean each year begs the question, why are our recycling rates so bad and how can I fix this? I am a huge buyer of plastic for all of our products which are packaged in plastic and in reality this isn’t going to change.  So being a totally focused eco business, I demanded from my supply chain that the plastic we use be only from post-consumer used recycled content (PCR). My belief is that if I can think it, it must therefore be possible.

13 billion single-use plastic bottles are sold globally every year and it’s anticipated that only between 3% and 9% are recycled. This needs to change.

In 2013, Coke and Unilever committed to using 15% recycled content in their packaging by 2025. Unsurprisingly when I said I wanted 100% PCR content I was told it was impossible.  Supplier after supplier, trade body after trade body and numerous Government officials all said no chance.  So not only demanding that it be 100% PCR, it also had to be Food Grade quality and 100% sourced and reprocessed in the UK – NOT going via China. They all laughed.

Eventually my belligerence paid off and a supplier said they would give it a go.  Yes it failed and then failed again. Getting a 100% PCR plus Food Safe grade was hard but third time lucky and 18 months after our first 100% sample had been attempted, we cracked it.

In December 2018 we switched all of our packaging from virgin plastic to 100% post-use recycled bottles. My little, London based SME had thrashed the global giants in creating a totally circular model, giving single-use plastic a second life. This proves that millions of tons can and must be redirected from going into landfill, incineration or the ocean and there’s a 70% carbon saving as well.

- Mark Jankovich, CEO

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Clean Air Day 2018

Clean Air Day 2018

It's clean air day, so at Delphis Eco we're talking VOCs. 

But what actually is a VOC? 

VOCs stand for Volatile Organic Compounds. They are emitted when using cleaning products, cosmetics, solvents, paints and varnishes. It is medically proven that these gases when inhaled regularly can have irreparable damage on our lungs. 

In a study published by Bergen University, they found that "people who have worked as cleaners or done household cleaning for 20 years have reduced lung function equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day for the same period of time" [PHD candidate, Dept Clinical Science, University of Bergen]. 



It's a scary fact. That's why the Delphis Eco range of products are certified as "Ultra Low" VOC levels, "Low" levels or "Zero".

Less impact on you, and less impact on the environment.



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"Waxtastic": Damer's Eco Entrepreneurs Create Eco Solution To Clingfilm

"Waxtastic": Damer's Eco Entrepreneurs Create Eco Solution To Clingfilm

The Damer's First School "Eco Enforcers" have entered the National Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge Competition with their 100% eco-friendly product aptly named 'Waxtaxtic: No Plastic'.

The innovation is 100% cotton material dipped in beeswax as an alternative to non-recyclable cling film. The product can be washed with soap and water (works well with Delphis Eco Washing Up Liquid) and lasts for up to a year. With the added bonus of the wax making it an anti-bacterial wrap. (Suitable for all foods except meat).

The children (aged between 5-8) have made, marketed, promoted and sold the product thus far themselves, with minimal help from their mentor and teacher Edd Moore. 

The talented crew have already secured 'Best Logo' in the first weekly competition which can be found here

The smart wax wrapping can be bought from locations secured by the Eco Crew. 

Outside Poundbury Waitrose, 30th June,
Poundbury Farmers Market and DCNS Summer Funday,
7th July, Damers School Summer Fair, 29th June, 
Dorset Food and Arts Festival, 4th August
The Dorset County Show 1st and 2nd September.
Also at these events the children will be also be selling Delphis Eco from their Turtle. 


The business-minded children have already attracted a visit from MP, Oliver Letwin who was "amazed at how articulate the children were", proud teacher Edd Moore told me. 

The competent crew are also working on a website launch in the coming weeks in which they hope to sell the wax wrap online as well. 

Please share to promote this brilliant project! 

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Earth Day - Pollution Pods at Somerset House

Earth Day - Pollution Pods at Somerset House

Don't miss the Pollution Pods by Michael Pinsky displayed at Somerset House from the 18th-25th April. 

Visitors can pass through the pods and compared the pollution levels in various environments. 

The first pod emulates Tautra in Norway, boasting the cleanest air. Using Airlabs technology, all harmful gases have been fully removed, making it totally clean. Each pod hosts a different environment symbolising the unique pollution levels in places around the world. 

Studies suggests that the average Londoner exposed to the levels of pollution recreated in the Pollution Pods would lose up to 16 months of their life. 

Here at Delphis Eco air quality is our top priority. That's why we have "ultra low" or "zero" levels of VOCs in our cleaning products that harm lung health and contribute to respiratory problems.

The exhibition is free. 

More info: here

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Dame Jane Goodall among famous visitors to Damer's school in awe of their eco efforts

Dame Jane Goodall among famous visitors to Damer's school in awe of their eco efforts

Dame Jane Goodall, ethologist and conservationist has dedicated her life to understanding animals and in particular holds a fascination with chimpanzees. Jane championed the idea that chimpanzees have emotions, minds and personalities. An idea which is now commonly accepted. 

In 1963 Jane was commissioned by National Geographic to document her life in Gombe, and subsequently she published her first article with the publication, "My Life Among Wild Chimpanzees". Jane has since written many articles documenting her findings and also published two autobiographies. 

In 2004 Jane was made a Dame of the British Empire. She has also achieved the UNESCO Gold Medal Award. 

Jane currently travels an average of 300 days per year speaking in venues around the world and the threats facing chimpanzees, other environmental crises and her reasons for hope that we will solve the problems that we have imposed on the earth. 

Recently Jane paid a visit to Damer's First School in Dorset to see all their hard work surrounding plastics pollution and their Delphis Eco Turtle. Also visiting the children was Princess Marie Esmeralda of Belgium, Sarah Begum - TV Presenter and Journalist. 

It is incredible to see how much recognition these forward thinking children are receiving for their fantastic work to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Initiatives include their Refill Dorset Scheme, encouraging local businesses to offer free tap water refills to anyone with a reusable bottle, to discourage unnecessary sales of single-use plastic water bottles, contributing to our plastic pollution crisis. 

The wonderful school also adopted a Delphis Eco Turtle, a recycled metal station filled with concentrate cleaning products that parents and stuff can refill spray bottles - saving on plastic and encouraging reusing.


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Meet our customer: Casita Andina

Meet our customer: Casita Andina

Delphis Eco talk to Exec Chef, Vito Reyes about eco cleaning, community and his signature dish. 

The first thing you notice walking into Casita Andina in Soho is the colour and the textures. There are woven Peruvian textiles beneath glass table tops, intricate wood carvings around the cocktail bar, and jars and jars of botanicals brewing on shelves overhead; pisco in eucalyptus, cereza, cavanda, pina and grandino azul.

Chefs prepare ceviche in the window looking over Great Windmill St, while gentle, upbeat music plays overhead. The name Casita Andina comes from the words for ‘dish’ and ‘woman’, to honour the traditions of home cooking from Peru. Vito Reyes, head chef here, tells me all food is made with one idea in mind; ‘here we cook with care’.

Why do you rely on Delphis Eco at Casita Andina?

The products are foodsafe, they do the job, and they’re ecological. So if they can benefit the environment, then we’re on it. As soon as we had tried the products from Delphis Eco, and saw they worked well, and they’re ecological, I said ‘let’s make it happen’, that’s my motto, make it happen! We now use Delphis Eco across all four restaurants.

Do you cook a signature dish here?

We love to cook with a few special ingredients local to us in Peru that Londoners may not have heard of. Apart from that, most of our ingredients come from Europe. And of course we make excellent ceviche.

You’re very involved in your community – what kind of things are you part of through the restaurant?

We set up a charity called Amantani, supporting children in Peru. We also work with a fantastic organisation called Awamaki, which supports women in enterprise to empower local economies. We have a lot of fun with the social enterprise work we do – we run Tiger’s Milk Records and work with Peruvian musicians. We have an art gallery in our Old St restaurant, and people really love it.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

We only opened these doors in July 2016, and we have already earned an award from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and our first rosette. We all know that we have to look after the earth, we have to think about our impact in everything we do. All the products we use, we look for sustainability, we ask how it’s produced, we consider animal welfare, and how far do the ingredients travel? What about Fairtrade, and organic, and local – we look at all these things when choosing what to use here. Delphis Eco fits in with our ideals perfectly.


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Damer's First School present their new Eco Turtle Refill Station to the Prince of Wales School

Damer's First School present their new Eco Turtle Refill Station to the Prince of Wales School

Damer's First School in Poundbury, Dorset proudly taught Prince of Wales School pupils all about their new Delphis Eco Turtle Refill Station this week.

Below: Eco Crew member, Rachel aged 7 teaching the neighbouring school about the refill system. 

Rachel, aged 7 is part of the school's successful Eco Crew run by teacher Edd Moore.

The inspirational Damer's Eco Crew joined Delphis Eco in London during Recycling Week last September to see our new recycled packaging. Rachel (above) holds our unique grey coloured bottle made of 100% recycled plastic milk bottles.  

The Eco crew demonstrating how to use the Eco Turtle dispenser, made from recycled car metal.

The Eco Turtle Refill Dispenser, launched by Delphis Eco in 2011 aims to teach school children about the importance of reusing and recycling. The Eco Turtle contains Delphis Eco's award winning Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser and Washroom Cleaner; all available for parents to buy in concentrate form.

The visionary Eco Crew were recently featured on Newsround. 

The cleaning products are sold for £1 in concentrate form, which can then be refilled with water at home. The recycled plastic bottles can then be reused again and again. 

To find out more about the Eco Turtle or for information about taking part in the scheme please contact Delphis Eco at

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Painting the Town Green

Painting the Town Green

Delphis Eco catch up with Paint The Town Green: London's first environmentally friendly decorating company with its own range of fine eco paints.

The decorating and paint company based in South West London was founded in 2007 by Phil Robinson. The Daily Express once described Paint The Town as "a new species of tradesperson", not only is Paint the Town a high quality decorating service, but they also make their own environmentally friendly non-toxic paints to go with it.

And the paints they offer are stunning, all named after songs inspired by founder Phil's love of music and time in a band. There's even a featured "gemstone and minerals" paint collaboration with interior design royalty, Nicky Haslam. 

I sat down with Paint The Town's Jo to find out more and to see how she got on using Delphis Eco's products in the showroom. 

Delphis: I love that you’re being referred to as a new species of tradesperson” - can you explain that a bit, what do you think is meant by that?

Jo: This was very much what Phil set out to do. He considers it a privilege to go and paint a person’s home - how his company behaves is of the utmost importance. The team are efficient, polite, tidy and work to a really high standard. The aim is to cause as little disruption as possible to a person’s home whilst it is being redecorated. In this country there is a bit of distrust and sometimes even dislike around tradesmen and it has given some professions a bit of a bad name. When he launched, Phil wanted to break the stereotype of plumbers and decorators being ‘hairy oafs’. This ‘new species’ was more around the high level of service the company provides. The fact Paint the Town Green was also London’s first environmentally-friendly decorating company meant that it did offer something genuinely different too.

Paint The Town founder Phil Robinson 



Delphis: Tell us about the Nicky Haslam collaboration - exciting! How did that come about?

Jo: Phil met Nicky on a project in Northamptonshire and their conversation turned very quickly to a collaboration. Nicky liked the fact Paint the Town Green were eco. He says, ‘An environmental conscience is important’ and he had always wanted to design his own paint. The colours are the colours he has loved all his life but which he has never been able to find in the shops. Nicky called his collection ‘The Stones’ as he wanted to go for earthy, natural colours but also he knows the band The Rolling Stones personally and it fitted with the company’s original collection where all the paints are named after songs.


The the team with Nicky Haslam at the launch of "The Stones" collection.
Nicky and Phil discussing the collection

Delphis: We are super interested in the naming of the paints relating to songs. What is it about the colour that makes you know which song it relates to? How do you name them?

Jo: It was a very time consuming process that took a lot of thought but was great fun. Phil wanted to come at the colour-naming process from a different angle and have a theme that ran throughout. Some of them came more easily than others, these were mainly the literal ones - Purple Rain, Powder Blue, Fade to Grey etc. But actually the ones he’s most pleased with are the ones that are a bit more “cryptic” but convey what he’s trying to say with those colours. These include Dignity, Pictures of You and Charlotte Sometimes. Phil likes to think these names trigger the imagination by describing the colours in a more metaphorical way rather than just saying ‘Pea Green’.


The paint catalogue with all the unique names

Delphis: Why were you disappointed in the paint that was available? Which lead you to create your own.

Jo: It was after Paint the Town Green founder Phil got married and was doing up his house. His wife was pregnant and he started to worry about the fumes she was inhaling so he looked into eco-friendly paints and started trying products that would not be harmful to her. He realised that the only way to get what he really wanted was to create his own as at that time eco paints were niche and of varying quality. Paint the Town Green uses an Icelandic factory powered by natural underground steam. The quality of the paint is uncompromised. The opacity, flow and colour are all great.



Delphis: How did becoming a parent change your household needs?

Jo: Becoming a parent means your household staples change and you are more conscientious about what you buy. Stock piling nappies and wipes in the early days makes you think about landfill a bit more! You are more mindful too about clean and bacteria-free surfaces. With a little one in the house you do think twice about what you are using. However products that are effective and can help save you time are important too.


Delphis: What does sustainability mean to your business?

Jo: Sustainability for Paint the Town Green is decorating the home without harm to the environment or to the people in it. The Bruntland Report for the World Commission on Environment and Development (1992) defined the definition of sustainability as, "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Really, it is all about acting now in a way that will preserve this world and setting the bar for the next generations.



Delphis: How have you found Delphis eco compared to other cleaning brands?

Jo: It’s happened to us all where people have tried to do the right thing but the quality of the product simply hasn’t been up to the mark. Delphi's eco however was a delightful surprise. Using the multipurpose spray on our showroom windows was like stepping into a TV advert. Any marks on the window came off with ease and it left no smears which was impressive. Great too to not feel like you were inadvertently inhaling any nasties. Paint the Town Green will move to Delphis eco for our showroom cleaning products for sure now.


Delphis Eco featured on Paint The Town's instagram account

Delphis: You’ve got some pretty cool clients on your books, Marc Jacobs’ Mayfair store, Damien Hirst’s gallery… how did they hear about you?

Jo: It’s all been word of mouth really. Until the company launched the retail aspect of the company last year (allowing people for the first time to buy our paint rather than it just being available as part of the decorating service). Paint the Town has done very little marketing or advertising. When Phil launched the company in 2007, he had the philosophy that if you deliver above and beyond expectations people will recommend you to other people and that’s what has happened. The company has been lucky enough to be approached by some high profile commercial clients (as you allude to) as well as some prestigious residential projects. Obviously it’s thrilling to work for high profile companies and characters but it’s come about by treating every client as if they are an A list celebrity and that will never change.




Delphis: What do you say to people who need persuading to go green?

Jo: People don’t need so much persuading these days as educated, although there is a bit more of a movement afoot. For example, people are just cottoning on to buying local. Making choices like these are not only better for you but also better for the environment. When it comes to paint, people don’t realise that toxins can be released from traditional oil based paints for years after they have been applied. People are used to the idea that they are what they eat but they are not quite there yet in terms of what they wear or surround ourselves with in the home.

To find out more about Paint The Town Green head to their website here






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