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  • Phosphate-free
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Plant-based power

Drain Cleaner & Maintainer (Bio Fizzy Tabs)

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Our eco Drain Cleaner & Maintainer is a powerful and effective treatment, free from toxic chemicals found in conventional unblockers.

Specially developed to eat away at grease, food matter and soap scum, each tablet releases millions of good bacteria to speed up the natural biodegradation of organic waste built up in your drains; removing smells and leaving water free-flowing.

Our plant-based, vegan-friendly eco Drain Cleaner and Maintainer tablets are non-corrosive and safe on all plumbing and septic tanks. You can prevent reoccurring drain blockages by using these Drain Maintainer and Cleaner tablets regularly (as directed), keeping your pipes free of build-ups, blockages and unwanted smells.

  • Releases millions of good bacteria to digest the build-up naturally
  • Saves plumbing and maintenance costs associated with blocked drains
  • Aids the organic microbiome of your drains
  • Keeps drain lines free-flowing
  • Stops smells & slow-flowing drains
  • Safe for all plumbing, including old and delicate pipes
  • Free from bleach & corrosive chemicals found in conventional unblockers
  • Reduces flooding incidents as it prevents build-up in drain lines
  • Phosphate & phosphonate-free
  • Safe in septic tanks if used as directed
  • Digests grease, soap scum, food pulp, sugar & starches
  • Inherently biodegradable: less harmful to aquatic life than conventional unblockers
  • Not tested on animals
  • Pet-safe
Areas of Use
  • All sinks (kitchen/bathroom/laundry)
  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Septic tanks

For optimal results:
  • First time use: Initiate treatment by using 1x tablet daily for a week per drain
  • Ongoing treatment: 1x tablet monthly to promote the multiplication of bacteria, crucial for building up your drain’s natural biofilm and breaking down organic matter
  • Apply at night to allow good bacteria to multiply undisturbed by other fluids
  • Avoid using in conjunction with bleaches and unblockers, as they also kill the good bacteria released by the tablets
  • Use with tepid water only (not hot or boiling water)
  • Heavily built-up drains: may require more than 1x tablet per day initially (see customer testimonials), plungers can also be used once several tablets have been administered for hard blockages.
Instructions for Use 

Drain maintenance: Fill sink or bucket with 4-5L tepid water, add 1x tablet, once dissolved, remove the plug and drain immediately, or if using bucket pour the solution evenly into drain.

Toilets: Dissolve one tablet into a toilet bowl and flush.

Septic Tanks: For maintenance, use one tablet per month for each tank capacity of 4,500 litres.

Consistent long-term use aids the natural microbiome of drains and septic tanks, reduces the build-up of organic matter and eliminates odours. 

For product guides, information sheets and safety data sheets please send us an email.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Our Drain Cleaner and Maintainer has long been a favourite of industry professionals. Learn more about how they tested our product.



Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Each tablet contains millions of good bacteria which digest the build-up in your drains. When the bacteria comes in contact with organic matter (like food, grease, soap scum and faecal matter) it reacts, multiplies and digests the matter, breaking it down, or biodegrading it, naturally. It’s important to maintain a healthy amount of good bacteria in your
drains to ensure it can effectively continue to digest matter as it’s being flushed into the system.

Regular use of our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets helps keep good bacteria levels high to ensure your drains stay nice and healthy. What’s great about the bacteria as well is that if they’re flushed out of your drains and into the wider system, they help keep communal drains free from blockages too, so you’re doing your bit for your community (no more massive “fatbergs”).

How do I know if my drain is blocked?

It’s important to remember, blocked drains are super preventable! Try not to get to this stage. This is how you can tell you’re heading to a blocked drain:

  1. The drain begins to smell bad, and this is the first thing you start to notice. Water begins to drain slower and organic debris has begun to collect on your sinks or bath. Gurgling noises when the drain is emptying.
  2. The smell gets worse, and water drains slower – more build is occurring in your drains.
  3. Small passage for wastewater, large particles become lodged and block the drains completely, there’s little water movement your drain will smell really bad. Toilets may overflow after being flushed.

What causes a blocked drain?

Most blocked drains are caused by a build-up of food, soap scum and other organic matter in your drains. It’s super important to ensure you’re not putting anything down your drains you shouldn’t be. Our list of drains no-nos is not exhaustive, but hopefully you get the picture:

  • Large amounts of oil or grease from cooking
  • Organic food waste like vegetable peel, tea bags, coffee grounds, rice
  • Nappies, tampons, sanitary pads, “flushable” wet wipes (hot tip, they’re not really flushable), large amounts of toilet tissue or kitchen roll, cotton pads
  • Body oils and oil-based moisturiser (coconut oil is a big culprit)
  • Hair (you need to empty the drain trap regularly)

Sink strainers are really useful for catching bulky items before they go down the drain.

In summary, the first line of defence in preventing blocked drains is filtration, and then it’s ensuring your drain microbiome is in a strong and healthy state to naturally digest anything that does go down the drain with the regular use of our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets.

Does it unblock drains?

Regular use of this product will prevent blockages, however if you do find yourself with a blocked drain, this is how our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer can help. It’s important to note that because it’s less corrosive than conventional unblockers, the good bacteria will need a little more time to eat away at the blockage.

Sometimes 3 or 4 tablets can be administered over a day to speed up this process and dislodge the blockage. The use of a plunger can help as well, once some time has passed. However, a blocked drain is really avoidable, and the regular use of these Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets prevents drains from getting to the point of being blocked.

Why would I want to add bacteria to my drains?

Our drains and septic tanks have their own microbiome filled with good, natural bacteria. This microbiome helps digest organic matter that goes down the drain (similar to your gut). It’s important to look after the good bacteria in our drains to help maintain this natural balance to prevent blockages from occurring. Our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets are filled with the kind of bacteria naturally found in drains, in fact, the type of bacteria we use is grown specially to digest the types of things that go down the drain.

That’s right, they love grease, fat, soap scum, and other things we would rather not know about.

How is it better for the environment than conventional unblockers?

Conventional unblockers tend to contain hazardous chemicals like bleach and caustic soda which burn through blockages. This process also kills everything (good and bad) in your drains, and means in future, your drains won’t have a healthy amount of good bacteria to naturally digest matter as it builds up. These conventional unblockers are also bad for your pipes, and can cause erosion and leakages (especially in older plumbing), not to mention they are hazardous for us to use and for the environment as well.

But when I flush conventional cleaning products down my sink, they go to a treatment plant, which means they don’t end up in ocean… right?

You would hope so, however with climate change, flooding is becoming more common. This means there’s a high chance what we put down our drains can end up directly into our waterways. In fact, billions of litres of raw sewage have been pumped into the Thames over the last few years (yuck). So it’s super important that what we’re putting down our drains won’t harm the fish.

So, how many do I need to use to maintain healthy drains?

If it’s your first time using our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets, we recommend 1 tablet daily for a week, and then once a month afterwards.

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