Non-Bio Laundry Powder (1.2kg) - Delphis Eco– Delphis Eco UK
  • Phosphate-free
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Plant-based power

Non-Bio Laundry Powder 1.2kg

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Our Non-Bio Laundry Powder is specially formulated for incredible results even at low temperatures and offers up to 60 washes per pack (that's only 30p a wash). Its powerful cleaning action is tough on heavy stains but gentle on fabrics, making your laundry fresh and bright with a pleasant aroma. Suitable for all washing machines.

✓ Excellent results on whites and colourfast
✓ Effective cleaning at low temperatures
✓ Phosphate and phosphonate-free
✓ Low foaming
✓ Dye-free
✓ No optical brighteners
✓ Safe in septic tanks
✓ Biodegradable surfactants protecting aquatic life
✓ Reduced packaging
✓ Free from NPEs, APEs, EDTAs

How to use: 

Dosage per 1kg of dry-weight laundry
1 scoop = 30g

Hard Water
Light soiling: 15g
Medium soiling: 20g
Heavy soiling: 25g

Soft Water
Light soiling: 10g
Medium soiling: 15g
Heavy soiling: 20g

Proper dosage saves cost and minimises environmental impact.

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