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    Collaborate to zero

    Can humanity achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and halt climate change? Join our founder Mark Jankovich in a series of frank conversations with disruptive sustainability-minded leaders to understand the parameters of this daunting and ambitious goal.

    Mark Jankovich, Founder

    Mark Jankovich, Founder

    Mark has run into countless brick walls during his decade as an eco-entrepreneur. Now, he wants to help others avoid them. It will take unprecedented levels of collaboration and some radical ideas to create wide-scale, meaningful change in the race to net zero.

    What steps are you taking? If you would like to be a part of the series, contact us.

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    Founder of the Litmus Partnership

    A specialist catering and facility management consultancy, the Litmus Partnership is dedicated to creating efficient environments in education, business, public sector and healthcare. Tim is also a member of The Supervisory Board at Institute of Hospitality.


    Group Director of the Bigger Picture at Sky

    Sky is Europe’s leading media and communications company with 24 million customers, and part of the Comcast group. Fiona is responsible for Sky’s sustainability strategy and performance, spearheading the group’s responsible business, social impact and cause-related strategy, marketing, plans and campaigns.


    First Mile Founder

    Bruce Bratley founded First Mile with an environmental Ph.D. and a solid commercial background; he's intent on helping businesses champion the environment. First Mile is one of the best environmental and waste management organisations in the UK, working with businesses to reduce their climate impact through services such as waste, recycling, and renewable energy.


    MD of Commercial

    Simone is also the Founder of the Commercial Foundation, a social enterprise helping disadvantaged young people transform their lives through the development of resilience and practical workplace skills.


    UN Climate Change High-Level Champion COP26

    Former CEO of We Mean Business, a global nonprofit coalition working with the world's most influential businesses to take action on climate change. He is a current High-Level Champion for Climate Action at COP26.


    Owner and MD of Seacourt Print

    Secourt's mission is to create a positive impact on the environment, society and economy through print services and printed communication. Their aim is to be the market leader in terms of sustainability and quality and to help their clients, their client’s clients and their supply chain to become more sustainable. 

    Collaborate to Zero Notebook

    Collaborate to Zero Notebook

    Direct from Delphis Eco CEO, Mark Jankovich, the Collaborate to Zero Notebook.

    It includes highlights from the above interview series with content from entrepreneurs, forward-thinking leaders and inspirers, from a range of sectors including education, food and finance.

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