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Eco Turtle

In 2011 we launched The Eco Turtle Project. We always knew we wanted to develop a scheme that would combine environmental education for school children and entrepreneurial skills. The project was developed with a group of 8-year-old school children from Ashley C of E School Primary School. They created the logo design and chose the project name.


One of the very first designs from Ashley school children aged 8, which we then took to our graphic designer to create the final poster.

The aim was to develop a system where their parents could access ecological cleaning products for the home at a reduced price, whilst raising money for the school and helping the environment.

Delphis Eco provided the school with our best-selling products, Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser, Washroom Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Cleaner and three dosing stations. Parents could then recycle a bottle from home and purchase a Delphis Eco refill at just £1 from the refill station at the school. Once mixed with water the concentrate becomes a ready-to-use spray bottle of cleaning fluids.


The Eco Turtle at Damer’s school, Dorset.


By understanding the tangible aspects of sustainability, pupils were able to see how everyday actions can affect our planet. 

Head teacher Richard Dunne explains, “By offering Delphis Eco cleaning products to families of Ashley School, pupils will learn about the environmental benefits of recycling and sustainability.  In addition, parents will have access to cost effective environmentally friendly cleaning products while the school generates a much needed revenue stream.”

Once an idea developed with 8-year-olds for their classroom, the Eco Turtle Project is now used in schools, charities universities and businesses.

One of the schools that champions The Eco Turtle are Damer’s First School in Dorset, who we partnered up with in Recycle Week at Clarence House. Damer’s are huge advocates for a more sustainable future, with their young pupils taking big leaps on their own.


Damer's First Schools children with their Eco Turtle.


We are so proud to be finalists at Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards for our Eco Turtle project this year.


Damer's pupils present their new Eco Turtle to neighbouring school.


"The Eco Turtle teaches children how to look after their environmental future and shows them that they can make a difference whilst at the same time raising money for the school." - EDD MOORE  Primary Teacher, Eco Coordinator

Dame Jane Goodall - Primologist and Anthropologist visits Damer's School to find out what the Eco Crew have been up to!