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    Ordering FAQs

    Ordering FAQs

    For commercial products, what is your minimum order for free delivery?

    We offer free delivery on orders over £1,000.

    How long will my order take to come?

    Orders placed prior to 12pm from Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank & Public Holidays) will be targeted for delivery within 3-4 business days.

    For orders placed after 12pm on Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank & Public Holidays), our aim is to deliver within 4-5 business days.

    It's recommended to consult with the orders team, as there might be a possibility of adjusting this policy.

    What is the delivery cost for commercial customers?

    Up to 25kg: £8

    25.1kg to 65kg: £13

    65.1kg to 95kg: £14

    Above 95kg: £40

    What is the minimum order a minimum quantity?

    Our commercial range items come with specified minimum order quantities as follows:

    5L (2x5L)

    2L (4X2L)

    700ml (6X700ml)

    750ml (6X750ml)

    500ml/350ml/200ml (12X500ml; 12X350ml; 12X200ml)

    100ml x 24 (24X100ml)

    For home products, individual orders are acceptable.

    What is the delivery cost for household customers ?

    Shipping costs are determined by the weight of your order and will be calculated during the checkout process:

    0kg to 19.99kg: £5.99

    20kg to 24.99kg: £12.00

    25kg to 59.99kg: £15.60

    60kg to 94.99kg: £16.80

    95kg to 2000kg: £48.00

    Orders surpassing £1,000 are eligible for free delivery.

    My order hasn't arrived, what should I do next?

    In case your order has not been delivered within the timeframe we provided, kindly send an email to orders@delphiseco.com for a delivery status update.

    Where can I find the price list of distributors/retail?

    The price list is available upon request please get in touch with our sales team over email sales@delphiseco.com.

    Could I try your products before purchasing?

    Granting samples remains at the discretion of the sales team. To request samples, please contact our sales team at sales@delphiseco.com, and they will evaluate your enquiry.

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