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    Usage FAQs

    Usage FAQs

    What is your best product for cleaning granite and marble?

    Any substance that deviates from complete pH neutrality will potentially cause damage to your stone.

    The most suitable product within the Delphis (professional) range is the Bio Washroom Cleaner - BWC 050, which should be mixed with water at a ratio of 1:50 or 20ml per litre of water.

    Alternatively, our household Washing-up Liquid can be used. It's best to recommend warm water and dilute the standard washing up liquid at a ratio of 1:100. Afterward, ensure the surface is thoroughly rinsed with water and dried using a gentle cloth like microfibre or old towelling.

    Before proceeding, we recommend conducting a trial on a small area to assess the impact.

    Do you have a product for cleaning mould?

    While we don't offer a designated product for mould removal, our Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser has undergone extensive testing in accordance with EN1276, EN13697, and EN 14476 standards. This testing confirms its potent effectiveness against various bacteria, algae, moulds, and enveloped viruses. (Please note: certain types of mould can be hazardous to clean)

    Can your Multi-Purpose cleaner be used on carpets?

    The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is completely safe for carpets and holds the Wool Safe approval, assuring the preservation of natural wool fibers. Moreover, it can be efficiently utilised in carpet machines. For more detailed guidance on its use with carpet machines, kindly refer to the provided information sheets.

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