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"Tops Off" Campaign

Join us and Recycle your bottle closures and triggers.

Delphis Eco has created a revolutionary partnership with leading recycling company, First Mile. We are calling on homes throughout the UK to help in the fight against Covid-19 and the global shortages of bottle triggers and pumps by encouraging the reuse and recycling all of their plastic bottle closures - such as trigger sprays, hand soap pumps and flip top caps.


Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, China and Northern Italy were the two main manufacturers of plastic bottle closures for cleaning and personal care products. There is now a global shortage of pretty much all bottle closures is causing issues in getting anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitisers to those that need them the most. 

Delphis Eco have sponsored the collections and you can book yours via First Miles and their RecycleBox courier collection.

Host a collection point with a Collection point flyer so your community know where to drop off their tops. 


Some of our Collection Champions