Our Vision– Delphis Eco UK

Our Vision

We ensure every aspect of our business offers the best possible solutions for our customer, whilst maintaining our eco-friendly values. We make products which minimise waste, pollution, and natural resource depletion at every stage. We challenge everyone to think about these issues too, and aim to inspire an informed discussion on these topics, leading to even better solutions for future generations.

At Delphis Eco we are conscientious of the environmental impact of every decision we make.

Our products and packaging are made in the UK, keeping our carbon miles low. We offer ready-to-use sizes, and larger containers of concentrate, to refill with. This makes it easy for our customers to reduce the amount of plastic they use, as well as the carbon impact of transporting more bottles. This option also saves you money and storage space. What's not to love? 

We are the first UK cleaning manufacturer to be awarded EU Ecolabel accreditationOur chemicals are plant-based, meaning they depend on renewable resources, and biodegrade after use. We all need to take care that the day-to-day products we use at home or at work, do not cause unnecessary pollution, which means thinking about where our cleaning chemicals end up after we've used them in the water!).

Our products are cruelty-free and we do not use any animal ingredients. We never test on animals.
 Our range is ideal for those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Because everything we make is phosphate-free, we know that we are reducing our harm to aquatic life. Phosphates are used in many products that we all use everyday, but they do not break down in water, and they pollute aquatic ecosystems.Therefore, we developed all of our products to ensure a fully phosphate-free range of cleaning chemicals.

Our products are non-flammable and have a reduced use of hazardous substances. We don't make bleach. We believe that if something belongs in your home, you should feel safe keeping it around.

We constantly innovate to reduce the use of plastic within our own business and beyond. Our bottles, labels, boxes and packing materials are all recyclable. Our boxes are made from fully recycled material. We support our commercial customers in reducing their waste too, because we believe that businesses have a responsibility to lead change on environmental impact issues.

Our office is green. We run our office on green energy, avoid food waste and have our own 'city garden' growing fruit and spreading joy. Our business cards have biodegradable laminate instead of plastic, and even our toilet paper is recycled material...









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