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The UK's Eco-Professionals Choice The UK's Eco-Professionals Choice


Showcasing our award winning Eco Turtle Project

We always wanted to develop a scheme to combine environmental education for school children, with entrepreneurial skills.
In 2011 we launched The Eco Turtle Project - developed with a group of 8-year-old children from Ashley C of E Primary School. Together we created a system allowing people to access our eco cleaning products at a reduced cost, whilst also raising money for the school, and educating children and their parents around sustainability.

Headteacher Richard Dunne explains: “By offering Delphis Eco cleaning products to families of Ashley School, pupils learn about the environmental benefits of recycling and sustainability. In addition, parents will have access to cost effective environmentally friendly cleaning products while the school generates a much needed revenue stream.

Find your nearest Eco Turtles at partnering schools, charities, universities and businesses. 
Damers First School with Eco Turtle
Damers First School showcasing their Refill stations.