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Room 2, Lamington Group

Let us introduce one of our favourite customers, a shining example of sustainability and environmental consciousness—Room 2, the most sustainable hometel in our eyes.

Their deep care for the environment is evident in every aspect of their operations. As a long-standing customer since 2019, they have expanded to four hometels across the country and are soon launching another one in Ireland.

Room 2 goes above and beyond to make sustainable practices the norm for their guests. They have embraced innovative approaches such as using carpets made from recycled fishing nets, which not only repurpose waste but also reduce environmental impact. Moreover, they have installed an in-house bee hive, contributing to pollinator conservation and promoting biodiversity.
Room 2 exemplifies how businesses can lead the way in sustainability, demonstrating that it's possible to create exceptional experiences while being mindful of the planet. We are proud to partner with them on their journey toward a greener future.

Michelle Interview Landscape from Sophie Higgins on Vimeo.

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