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Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser

Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser


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Our ‘clean as you go’ food prep safe Anti- Bacterial Sanitiser cleans and protects all hard surfaces. It stops the spread of harmful infection and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

✓  free from perfumes or dyes
✓  free from: Chlorine Bleaches, Triclosan, EDTA, NTA, APEs
✓  EN1276 and EN13697 approved
✓  EN ISO 4120 taint test safe
✓  kills enveloped viruses
✓  dual action - cleans and sanitises

✓  removes protein, food residues, grease, and germs
✓  safe on paint, metal, glass, rubber, etc.
✓  readily biodegradable
✓  not tested on animals
✓  phosphate and phosphonate free
✓  reduced use of hazardous substances

**NOTE: Due to global shortages, we are only able offer one sprayer per case on this item.


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Safety Data Sheet (RTU)

Safety Data Sheet (Concentrate)