Delphis Eco Heavy Duty Degreaser 2Ltr Refill (Concentrate) save you Money & Waste– Delphis Eco UK
  • Phosphate-free
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Plant-based power

Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser 2Ltr Refill (Concentrate)

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This large Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser is ideal to use on all hard kitchen surfaces and food prep areas, kitchen appliances, floors, walls, tiles and stainless surfaces. You can even use this heavy-duty grease remover on your greasy cooking trays and pans in the kitchen.

As a plant-based and vegan-friendly degreaser concentrate, it requires diluting prior to use and uses a combination of naturally derived vegetable extracts and powerful surfactants to leave surfaces clean and shiny.

✓ Compact 2L bottle, easy to store
✓ Free from Petroleum solvents, EDTA, NTA, Fragrance, Dyes, APEs, low VOC’s.
✓ Removes heavy soiling
✓ Safe on paint, aluminium, metal, glass, rubber
✓ Safe in septic tanks if used as directed
✓ Reduced use of hazardous substances
✓ Phosphate and phosphonate free

Areas of Use

Kitchen Surfaces
Food Prep Areas
Kitchen Appliances
Floors, Walls & Tiles
Stainless Surfaces
Greasy Trays & Pans

Instructions for Use

Apply a small amount to a damp cloth and wipe the surface. For heavy cleaning, spray directly onto the surface, leave to stand for a few moments and wipe clean.

Instructions for Dilution

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted before use. Add 330ml (to 700ml bottle) + water = ready to use. Always refill into a clean empty bottle. 

✓ 100% Made in Britain
✓ Vegan-Friendly, Natural Plant-Based Cleaning Product
✓ Ethical & Eco-Friendly Sustainable Cleaning
✓ Highly Biodegradable Ingredients
✓ B Corp Certified
✓ Never Tested on Animals
✓ Pet Safe100%
✓ Recycled & Recyclable Plastic Bottle Packaging

Loved by Professionals, Approved by the Planet.

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