Delphis Eco Natural Salad Wash Kills Germs Bacteria From Fruit & Vegs– Delphis Eco UK
  • Phosphate-free
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Plant-based power

Commercial Natural Salad Wash

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Our Natural Salad Wash is a naturally-derived disinfectant that kills germs, bacteria and contaminants from fruit and vegetables. It is highly effective at low temperatures and in short contact times. The product is suitable for all fresh produce and doesn’t leave any fertilizer or pesticide residues to affect taste or odour.

✓ chlorine free
✓ non-tainting
✓ suitable for vegan food preparation
✓ effective at low temperatures
✓ dual action - cleans and kills bacteria
✓ fast acting
✓ reduced use of hazardous substances
✓ phosphate and phosphonate free
✓ safe in septic tanks
✓ readily biodegradable
✓ not tested on animals 

Delphis Eco

  • The UK’s leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products
  • Made from plant-derived renewable and sustainable resources
  • Professional strength, eco-safe formulations
  • Pioneers of the UK’s first 100% recycled plastic bottle packaging
  • 100% made in the UK
  • First EU Ecolabel (DEFRA) accredited cleaning brand in the UK
  • Never tested on animals

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