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Washroom Cleaner
Washroom Cleaner
Washroom Cleaner
Washroom Cleaner

Washroom Cleaner


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Please retain your past trigger sprays. Due to global shortages, this product only comes with screw caps in box quantities with one trigger per box.

Our EU Ecolabel* accredited Washroom Cleaner is ideal for daily use on all washroom surfaces including wash basins, baths, showers, taps, toilets, urinals, mirrors, floor and wall tiles. It leaves all surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean.

✓  low pH prevents limescale build-up
✓  safe on rubber, plastic and metal surfaces
✓  reduced impact on aquatic life
✓  safe in septic tanks if used as directed
✓  reduced use of hazardous substances
✓  phosphate and phosphonate free
✓  readily biodegradable
✓  not tested on animals


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Info Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (RTU)

Safety Data Sheet (concentrate)