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Dislodging the Secrets of Traditional Drain Unblockers

Dislodging the Secrets of Traditional Drain Unblockers

Got a blocked drain? It's tempting to grab those traditional drain unblockers promising a quick fix. But hold up – that convenience comes with a hefty price tag for both your pipes and the environment. In this blog post, we find out what toxic chemicals are lurking in conventional drain unblockers and explore safer alternatives to prevent blocked drains from happening in the first place. 

One of the primary components in traditional unblockers is caustic soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide. This potent chemical will not only burn through organic matter but poses a risk of also corroding your pipes and your skin upon accidental contact[1]. It’s not just highly toxic but if not flushed properly, it solidifies into a concrete-like barrier, escalating plumbing issues into a nightmare for both homeowners and plumbers alike. Plumbers working on caustic soda-treated pipes also face serious risks, with these corrosive chemicals turning pipe removal into a hazardous mission.

Conventional drain unblockers also often contain bleach as an anti-bacterial sanitising agent. Bleach forms dioxins which are known carcinogens, a danger to aquatic and wildlife[2]. In the atmosphere, bleach usage is linked to ozone depletion[3].

Once these toxic chemicals are flushed down your drains, it’s easy to assume that the wastewater goes to a treatment plant. However, every year over 40 million tonnes of raw untreated sewage spills into waterways like the River Thames. During flooding, wastewater loaded with caustic soda comes to the surface and its corrosive nature threatens plants and aquatic life, impacting our ecosystems.

Given the risks associated with traditional drain unblockers, it's time to explore safer alternatives. Our Drain Cleaner & Maintainer tablets break down fat, soap scum and organic matter by speeding up the natural biodegradation process. Without caustic soda and bleaches, our tablets release millions of the healthy bacteria found naturally in drains which, when dissolved, are activated, start to multiply and digest the build-up. Keeping your pipes clear and flowing smoothly. No harm to aquatic life and no harm to the environment, it’s all about utilising the environment FOR the environment.

So don’t let the drain problem persist. Bad smell coming from your drain? Water flowing slowly? Debris in your sink? Start your treatment by dissolving one tablet daily for a week into your sink/bath shower toilet bowl at night so you don’t disturb the good bacteria that are hard at work. Keep things running smoothly by using our maintainer tablets regularly once a month – no more dealing with clogs or rushing for emergency fixes. Your plumbing systems will thank you with a longer lifespan!

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and let your drains flow hassle-free. Don't miss out on our latest deal: Buy 3 tubes and get 20% off. Just use code HEALTHYDRAINS at checkout. Protect your drains, protect your waterways, protect yourself.



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