How to clean your barbecue like a pro this summer with planet friendly– Delphis Eco UK

How to clean your barbecue like a pro this summer with planet friendly products

How to clean your barbecue like a pro this summer with planet friendly products

Switch to eco cleaning products that work and allow you to play a role in helping the environment


With lockdown restrictions lifted, and BBQ season in full swing, there’s a lot to celebrate. It's time to get those barbeques in tip top shape, so you’re ready to host family and friends all summer long.  

Delphis Eco is a plant-based cleaning range that is loved by professionals for its unparalleled performance and approved by the planet for the reduced impact it has on the environment. 

With an impressive list of professional fans in all areas of hospitality and catering,  we have pulled together some top eco-friendly tips and advice from professional chef, Calum Richardson on how to get your BBQ spring and summer fit, clean and safe.

How to get your BBQ sparkling clean in three simple steps using Delphis Eco products?

Getting the BBQ out of storage and ready to cook: Firstly, grab a bucket of water and add Delphis Eco Washing-Up Liquid, specially formulated with natural grease-busting action to remove dirt and grime. Wipe down the BBQ with a cloth or a sponge, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Before cooking: Believe it or not a great BBQ hack is to use an onion. When the grill has started to heat up, attach half an onion to a fork and rub over the hot bars. The water in the onion steam cleans the grill plate / bars. Onions have natural antibacterial properties and if you're cooking with charcoal, you can throw the used onion right into the coals when you're finished to add flavour to whatever you're grilling. 

Cleaning your BBQ after cooking, while it’s cooling down: Lastly, using Delphis Eco Heavy Duty Degreaser on the grill will cut through grease, grime, oil, and fat from hard surfaces. It uses a combination of naturally derived vegetable extracts and powerful surfactants to leave surfaces clean and shiny.  What’s more, with no odour you can be sure that your BBQ fare is free from nasty harmful toxins and you can be confident you are serving up delicious food, tasting as great as it can.

Here’s what Calum Richardson, chef director, The Bay Fish & Chips had to say about Delphis Eco products:

“What’s key with Delphis Eco is, not only is it environmentally friendly, but actually, it is a great product that works on heavy duty grease and grime. If you use bleach for example and it leaves a smell, that smell transfers directly to what you’re cooking, shifting onto food. Delphis Eco provides effective plant-based cleaning in my restaurant and is a great way for you to clean at home and get your BBQ sparkling for spring.”

An eco-friendly way to clean your barbecue

Delphis Eco’s range is the first in the UK to be packaged in recycled plastic bottles made entirely from UK recycled plastic milk bottles. By using Delphis Eco products you will be supporting a circular economy, taking plastic waste out of landfill, incineration and the ocean, and reducing your carbon footprint.      

These products are safe to use on paint, aluminium, metal, and glass, so your barbecue will be clean and ready to be used. Plus, take a look at the EU Ecolabel accredited Delphis Eco Masonry and Stone Cleaner and try it out on your porch, you won’t be disappointed. It removes deep stains, moss, algae, oil, grease, traffic film, soot, limescale, rust, charcoal and efflorescence (white, fluffy salt deposits also called salt-petering) from masonry and stone, including granite, concrete and porcelain.

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