Primary school recycling warriors approve Delphis Eco’s 100% Post Cons– Delphis Eco UK

Primary school recycling warriors approve Delphis Eco’s 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic packaging

Primary school recycling warriors approve Delphis Eco’s 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic packaging
Constantly chasing the vision of 100% global sustainability, Delphis Eco met up with Louis, 6, Sophie, 7, Rachel, 8 and Nicholas, 7 of Damer’s First School during Recycling Week. We aimed to answers their questions, listen to their opinions and to introduce them to their own box of our new 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging.


Damer’s First School, Dorset, already take part in Delphis Eco’s “Eco Turtle” Project. The project was developed by school children, aimed to design a system where their parents could access ecological cleaning products for the home and raise money for their school. By understanding sustainability pupils are able to see how everyday actions can affect our planet. The box of our new 100% PCR cleaning fluids will replace their existing Delphis Eco packaged products already in the ‘Eco Turtle’ scheme, which will then be recycled.
The children, of primary age, were eager to see the new Delphis Eco packaging and to understand more about the process and impact of the commitment going forward. The children were instantly able to see the potential of PCR packaging, with excited remarks about when we could start innovating the same with plastic bags.
Their thoughtful and intelligent comments about sustainability highlight the impact of teaching children to care for the environment at a young age. The teacher informed me they even chose to attend after school classes to further discuss the subject, and find out more ways they can help.

It was clear to see just how passionate the children of Damer’s really are about the environment. They were all too excited to tell Delphis Eco, CEO Mark Jankovich all about their sustainable endeavours at school. Louis, aged 6, said
“Pretty much everyone cares about the environment at our school. We do lots for it, like we have a recycling point; we recycle things and get money back for it. Things like pens, biscuit wrappers and the things that go into the printer.”
The school also have their own garden where they produce fresh produce, and even make mint tea. The school itself is a new eco school boasting super efficiency and utilising solar panels were possible. The children even have their own business - recycling school paper made into pulp, that wild flower seeds are added to and put into moulds. They are then planted into beds and pots to grow beautiful wild flowers. Last year this business even made £915 for the school!
What a fantastic example these children are setting.
CEO Mark Jankovich asked the children one simple question.... 'why is recycling important?' This is what they said. All words are their own and there was absolutely no prompting. 



7-year-old Nicholas making the point that plastic certainly doesn't just go away. 

Sophie, also 7 explaining why recycling is the only option going forward, and outlines her brilliantly accurate understanding of the damage we're doing to the environment.  

 Louis, aged just 6.

And Rachel, aged 7.


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