Save your clothes. Save your money. Save the planet.– Delphis Eco UK

Save your clothes. Save your money. Save the planet.

Save your clothes. Save your money. Save the planet.


You've invested your hard-earned money in your clothes, so why not give them the love and care they deserve to maintain their longevity? Below are our top suggestions for extending the life of your clothes, ensuring they stay vibrant and fresh wear after wear.

Washing overload

Before you toss your clothes into the washing machine for the umpteenth time this week, think twice. Washing garments too frequently can actually weaken the fibres and shorten their lifespan.

Opt for lower washing temperatures

When it's time for a laundry day, try a lower washing temperature to prevent colour bleeding, fading, and shrinkage. As well as protecting your clothes, according to Electrolux, if every UK household turned down the temperature from 40°C to 30°C we could save over 27kg of CO2 per household per year. If all households across Europe followed suit, the total savings would be a whopping 4.9 tonnes (that’s equivalent to removing one million cars from the road). Just another reason to turn the dial down.

Wash up oil stains

One of the best ways to remove an oil stain from fabric is to immediately dab it with a damp cloth and some good old Washing Up Liquid. The dual molecules active in this product pull grease away from the surface, enabling you to wipe it away. So next time you’re a little overzealous with the salad dressing on your new silk trousers, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Freeze your clothes

Are you having problems with stubborn odours even after washing? Place your dry clothes in a sealed plastic bag and leave them in your freezer overnight. The low temperature eliminates odours, bacteria and even stops moth eggs from ruining your clothes. This technique complements regular washing, offering a handy solution for persistent issues. However, exercise caution with delicate fabrics like leather, wool, and silk.

The Non-Bio Laundry Powder Power is HERE

Our brand new Non-Bio Laundry Powder is free from phosphates and optical brighteners, making it powerful on stains, but gentle on fabrics and the planet. Our innovative eco-formula is readily biodegradable to protect aquatic life and can work its magic even in low temperatures, reducing your carbon footprint. With enough for 60 washes per pack (that’s 30p a wash), early birds will also receive a free recyclable steel tin – because even your laundry powder deserves a posh home.

By using our favourite techniques, you'll make your clothes last longer, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Save your clothes, save your money, save the planet.

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