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    Get Smart on Recycling: What You Need to Know

    Get Smart on Recycling: What You Need to Know

    Recycling – it's not just a trend, it's a must to stop the mining of raw materials, stop millions of pieces of packaging going into landfill and polluting our air and oceans. This Recycle Week, we're getting into the rules and regulations that govern recycling; what's in, what's out, and what’s the latest.  

    UK's Bold Commitment 

    In July 2023, the UK government unveiled its ambitious plan: to recycle a whopping 65% of municipal waste by 2035. This game-changing initiative 'Maximising Resources, Minimising Waste' is set to revolutionise how we handle products and materials, helping to keep products and materials in circulation for as long as possible and at their highest value. 

    The Golden Rules 

    When it comes to plastics, flimsy equals non-recyclable, while durable equals recyclable. One of the most common flimsy plastics is cling film, super convenient in your home, but nearly impossible to recycle. Try swapping with reusable containers to store food or eco-friendly beeswax wraps to cover it. Opt for brands that use paper packaging over film-like plastics to ensure they have a better chance of being recycled after disposal. 

    The Colour Conundrum: ever wondered why some plastics are a recycling no-go? It's all about the colour. Coloured plastics often contain additives and pigments that complicate the recycling process. They can end up in landfills or incinerators, missing out on a chance for a new life. Clear plastics, on the other hand, are easily sorted and processed and have more repurposing possibilities. 

    ‘Wish Cycling’ 

    Wish cycling is the term used when individuals unintentionally taint their recycling bin with contaminants, all in the hope that the item is recyclable. According to WRAP , 84% of households are regularly 'wish cycling'. Surprisingly, it's the 55+ age group who are the recycling pros, while Gen Zs are still finding their way around the recycling guidelines. Remember, items with traces of food or drink cannot be processed at recycling facilities. Steer clear of recycling food containers with over 8% residue; a frequent oversight found in take-out containers, greasy pizza boxes, and jars left unwashed. 

     According to WRAP, 2022's Top Contaminants found in Recycling Bins are: 

    • Drinking glasses (33%) 
    • Foil pouches (29%) 
    • Toothpaste tubes (26%) 
    • Plastic film lids (24%) 
    • Tissues & Paper towels (22%) 
    • Glass cookware (22%) 
    • Plastic film (20%) 
    • Cartons (19%) 
    • Plastic toys (18%) 
    • Frozen vegetable bags (18%) 

    Most Missed Recycling Opportunities: 

    • Glass perfume/aftershave bottles (52%) 
    • Foil (27%) 
    • Aerosols (22%) 
    • Plastic trays (14%) 
    • Plastic cleaning bottles (11%) 
    • Plastic pots (10%) 
    • Plastic toiletries/shampoo bottles (10%) 
    • Cartons (9%) 
    • Food cans/tins (8%) 
    • Drink cans (6%) 

    Our part in this 

    At Delphis Eco we are extremely passionate about reducing the use of virgin materials throughout our supply chain, as part of our ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.  

    Our triggers are innovatively designed with a vacuum pump, which means no metal springs or mixed materials, making them super easy to recycle. 

    Our delivery boxes are made from FSC-approved recycled cardboard (even the liner) and we only use recyclable packing tape. Our bottles are crafted entirely from 100% recycled British milk bottles and are fully recyclable.  

    By using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic), our bottles are able to stay within a circular loop lifecycle for longer (image above). In 2022, we repurposed 1,530,304 one-litre milk plastic bottles, diverting them away from landfills and oceans. By doing this, we not only managed to save 35 tonnes of plastic materials but also significantly reduced our carbon footprint by 61%. 

    So, in a world where every action counts, let’s get recycling. 🌿♻️ 


    (Third party verified data by Climate Partner) 

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