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ECO PIONEERS: Battersea based Delphis Eco launch what they believe to be the UK's first entirely recycled plastic packaging.

ECO PIONEERS:  Battersea based Delphis Eco launch what they believe to be the UK's first entirely recycled plastic packaging.

British eco cleaning-chemical manufacturer, Delphis Eco, have created a second life for single use plastic by pioneering, what they believe to be a world first - 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging. The new packaging launches across their full range during Recycle Week (September 25th - 29th).

In an era that sees our world awash with plastic waste, Delphis Eco have challenged the international manufacturing status quo. Delphis Eco are working with the UK’s leading waste collectors to produce recycled plastic granules from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic, which will form its new 100% PCR packaging.

Additionally, with relentless determination, Delphis Eco has partnered with specialist producers to blow its bottles achieving the unique 100% food grade quality PCR level. The result – a long-awaited ‘closing the loop’ breakthrough in the use of HDPE recycled waste.

This signals the onset of a new standards where manufacturers and consumers can expect to see a shift in how waste is recycled and more importantly, how it subsequently enters the supply chain.

Furthermore, the new Delphis Eco packaging looks great, is totally robust and has been declared entirely ‘fit for purpose’ following rigorous tests to ensure its suitability and durability.

CEO, Mark Jankovich, says:

“It has taken five years to get to this point, and the journey is just beginning when it comes to creating a movement to increase the world’s level of recycling from between 5% - 7%, to 10% and beyond. Our breakthrough is showing the world that there can be a second life for single use plastic. The fantastic benefits are an immediate reduction in what goes into the ocean, landfill or is burnt.

“And if we, as a relatively small player, can bring this 100% PCR packaging to the UK market – why can’t the big players!

“By driving this change to our packaging – which incidentally, many people said couldn’t be done - we have taken 500 tonnes of carbon emissions out of the equation. Just imagine if the large, international brands followed suit. Waste plastic is a huge issue and we are still only scratching the surface at finding a solution of how to get rid of it.

“Consumers are ready to realign their purchasing habits and we are seeing an increase in high profile campaigns to drive awareness and change – Sky Oceans and ZSL, to name a few”.

“Right now - big corporates and government are behind the curve. The issue needs to be embedded high on their agendas to realise that consumers want recycled / up-cycle plastics, and to drive, through legislation if necessary, a shift in the manufacturing approach to ensure a closed loop supply cycle.

Media headlines have been dominated with distressing pictures of ocean plastic and the destruction this has caused to the environment and to marine wildlife, which inadvertently consumes plastic and subsequently returns into the food chain.

Jankovich continues:

“The unpalatable facts remain that over 500 million plastic bottles are used globally EACH day. The UK consumes 38 million plastic bottles per day. Only 5% to 7% of virgin plastic is recycled, which means that at least 93% goes to landfill, gets burned or lands up in the sea where it takes over 450 years to biodegrade. It is estimated that over 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year – a dump trucks worth per minute. The problem
is mounting and collectively, we have to take responsibility.

“We believe everyone has the obligation to be more sustainable and for the last 10 years have produced the UK’s most accredited eco cleaning range for the commercial cleaning and out of home sectors. Now, with the world’ first PCR 100% packaging, we hope that big international corporates will sit up and take note by embracing the responsibility to invest in and drive a paradigm shift on how we recycle plastic and use PCR waste.”

Delphis Eco already holds two Royal Warrants and is proud to be leading on the world stage in bringing to market a workable proposition to using post-consumer recycled (PCR).

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