Celebrate Bonfire Night the greener way– Delphis Eco UK

Celebrate Bonfire Night the greener way

Celebrate Bonfire Night the greener way

This Bonfire Night Delphis Eco offer 3 tips on how to have a greener bonfire...

Bonfire Night is great fun but the emissions created are much larger than you might expect. The government stated in 2012 that celebrations of November 5th had a worse effect on the UK's air quality than emissions from the country's waste incinerators for an entire year. 

We are promoting a greener bonfire by sticking to a few simple pointers: 

1. Try to only burn dry, clean and natural materials.  These could be products such as untreated wood or waste from your own garden. 

2. Don’t burn any manmade materials such as plastics, oil, rubber, or anything with a chemical or plastic coating, as these all produce huge amounts of pollutants.

3. Small switches – such as steering clear of firelighters and using dry leaves for kindling – will massively reduce the amount of smoke your fire produces.

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