Product test: X Factor Spot Cleaner– Delphis Eco UK

Product test: X Factor Spot Cleaner

Product test: X Factor Spot Cleaner

At Delphis Eco we are all about wellbeing and kindness, one of the reasons that here at Delphis Eco HQ we all sit on yoga balls - it's better for our posture, balance and focus.

The orders team hard at work on their yoga balls.

Once in a while it's time to clean our chair of choice and it can be a little tricky. Luckily we had our X Factor spot cleaner on hand to slice through the dirt. X Factor is perfect for tough stains, biro marks, red wine spills and more. 

Here's one that's got a little grubby, and we've helpfully put it next to some flowers for a comparison of what clean looks like. 

A close up of the grime. 


Our spot cleaner: X Factor getting to work.


To get your hands on a bottle of X Factor click here.



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