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Spring Clean with Seep

Spring Clean with Seep

Spring Clean with Seep and Delphis Eco 

The days are getting longer, and spring is finally just round the corner - so it’s time to get cracking on that deep clean you’ve been putting off! From scrubbing out hard-to-reach cupboards to freshening up carpets, now’s the time to get your home summer party ready. 

To give you some inspiration, we’ve teamed up with Seep and created an essential spring cleaning list. Delphis and Seep products are the perfect, planet-friendly combination of compostable cleaning tools and eco-safe cleaning chemicals. Grab a pair of Seep’s Eco Rubber Gloves and get started!

1. Organise your cupboard

Yes, we know you’ve been avoiding the chaos lurking behind that cupboard door. But it’s time to be brave! Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Seep’s Eco Scourer Sponge have your back. Take everything out. Clean and put everything back in order. Does that feel better? We thought so.

2. Freshen up grubby trainers

All you’ll need is one of Seep’s Eco Pop-Up Sponges and our Eco Washing Up Liquid. Gently massage washing up liquid onto your trailers and rinse with cold water. The results will put a skip back into your step

3. Descale your kettle, coffee machine, or iron

You’ll be surprised by how much limescale can be found here, but regular household descalers carry harmful toxins. Use our Multi-Purpose Descaler, thoroughly rinse your appliance, then stick that clean kettle on and make yourself a cuppa.

4.  Deep clean the fridge

Time to get rid of everything that’s been there longer than it should have. Clean the shelves with our Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser, and Seep’s Eco Cloth. Take the drawers out and wash them with our Eco Washing Up Liquid and Seep’s Eco Scourer Sponge

5. Polish your windows with our Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner and Seep’s Eco Cloth.

6.Revive the patio

BBQ season is coming! Spray your patio with our Patio & Stone Cleaner, wait 15 minutes, then use water and a brush to reveal sparkling clean stone.

7. Clean your microwave

Scrub your microwave (inside and outside) with our Eco Washing Up Liquid and Seep’s Eco Cloth

8. Make kitchenware bright and shiny

Use our Metal Polish and Seep’s Eco Scourer Sponge to brighten up those pots and pans - just dab, scrub and dry!


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