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It's Earth Day!

It's Earth Day!

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day. Every April, 1 billion people worldwide  come together with a common goal - to tackle climate change and save our environment. 

Earth Day 2023 puts an emphasis on investing in the planet. From directly financing projects to simply taking time to educate ourselves on climate change, anyone and everyone’s actions can have a positive impact.

At Delphis Eco, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can help our customers to live more sustainably. Earth Day is, of course, of deep-rooted significance to our brand - the Delphis Eco team has an innate passion for the environment, and all of our business decisions are made with one question in mind: is it sustainable? 

Of course, this isn't easy. However, it’s of the utmost importance to us, our stakeholders, and the planet. So this year, on Earth Day, we’re thinking about our own sustainability journey, and how we can work even harder to be green at every stage. 

      1. We want to better understand the complexity of our supply chain emissions, so we are supporting the businesses we work with to review and reduce their carbon outputs. 
      2. We have calculated the emissions of our team’s collective commute to work, which has encouraged us to think about how we can use eco-friendly modes of transport. 
      3. We have provided our customers with  reports on how much carbon they are saving by using our products. 
      4.  We have taken the time to fully understand the environmental impact of each and every part of the manufacturing process. Did you know we even use vegetable ink on our labels to preserve water? 
      5. We’re adopting more sustainable payment methods, like our recent partnership with TwigPay. (The TwigPay app allows users to sell unwanted items and grow their Twig wallet - a great way to save landfill space and get rewarded for it)!
      6. Last year we launched our 2 Litre Refills, offering our customers cost savings whilst reducing their carbon footprint.
      7. We have partnered with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). The WDC aims to preserve both whales and dolphins by ending captivity, stopping whaling, creating healthy seas and preventing deaths in nets.  Did you know that whales and dolphins can play a vital role in fighting climate change? Whales especially create the perfect conditions for phytoplankton to thrive in. Although microscopic, phytoplankton influences the planet's atmosphere, capturing an estimated 40% of all CO2 produced – four times the amount captured by the Amazon rainforest.
      8. We have partnered with like minded brands who care about the environment to give our followers a chance to win a sustainable bundle with the following brands:  WUKA, PARLA, WYPE, Seep, Nothing Fishy and Serious Tissues. For the chance to win a bundle of eco-friendly products worth over £200, click here!

These are just some of the ways, we at Delphis Eco are consciously moving towards Net Zero. We look forward to hearing about the actions you’re taking on behalf of the planet this Earth Day!

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