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What does Delphis Eco mean to the RSPB?

What does Delphis Eco mean to the RSPB?


Here at Delphis Eco, it’s no surprise that we value the important work the RSPB do to give nature a home, and are honoured to have them amongst some of our oldest customers. We spoke to RSPB’s Environmental Manager, Sarah, about why they chose Delphis Eco, and what sustainability means for them.

Delphis: What does sustainability mean for you at RSPB?

Sarah: The RSPB works to save nature, which is in dire trouble, around the world and in the UK. We’re facing mass extinctions, and one of the key reasons is that we’re living unsustainably; we’re using too much of the wrong stuff, especially in the west. The RSPB has to demonstrate responsible action, and show that we can care for our world and maintain a quality of life too. We have limited resources and we have a lot to do to save nature. So it’s great to find simple things that everyone can do to be more sustainable, like using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals on our sites.


Compost crew – staff digging out our compost bins at Sandy HQ

Delphis: What products did you use before? Why did you change?

Sarah: Within the RSPB each workplace choses their own suppliers and products, but we recommend Delphis Eco across all of our sites, and we provide guidance for staff and cleaners. Delphis Eco products are important for us for practical reasons too, because a lot of our sites aren’t on mains sewage. We have to pick carefully as we don’t want chemicals upsetting the microbes in our septic tanks! Delphis Eco fits the bill.

D: What support have Delphis Eco provided?

S: Initially I went through your ingredients, to check they meet our own environmental policy and the information was really helpful and straightforward

D: How do you see your place in looking after the environment?

S: Of direct relevance is the need to maintain the water quality and not cause any unnecessary pollution. This is crucial for our wetland nature reserves. As an organisation, we have our own environmental management system, to monitor and minimise our own impacts. We have five objectives - carbon emissions, waste, water, legal compliance and buying (how products we use may have an effect on global wildlife). We also encourage other organisations we may work with to do the same.


Great White Egret – fishing at our Ham Wall reserve


D: How do you see your place / influence in the community?

S: We have an amazing community of supporters of the RSPB, over 1 million members. We couldn’t survive without them. And it’s not just subscriptions, people are also incredibly generous with their time - we are lucky to have many fantastic volunteers. Each nature reserve is part of its local community too. Our reserves are wonderful places to relax, exercise or meet up with friends and family. Nature gives us so much and we need to take better care of our environment however we can.


The sun bear is the RSPB's poster boy for their Environmental Purchasing Policy, which includes cleaning products.


To find out more about the RSPB's work and how to get involved head to: http://www.rspb.org.uk

To try some of the products mentioned by Sarah go to: https://delphiseco.com/products/home-cleaning-starter-box-1


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