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Dorset primary school inspired by Recycling week and Delphis Eco trip promote refill scheme in the hope of ending single-use plastics in businesses.

Dorset primary school inspired by Recycling week and Delphis Eco trip promote refill scheme in the hope of ending single-use plastics in businesses.

Poundbury is the latest town to join in with the Refill scheme that has been sweeping Dorset, with aims to help reduce the number of single use plastic bottles. Businesses that sign up to the scheme agree to fill up people’s water bottles for free, encouraging people to have a reuseable water bottle rather than reaching for a disposable plastic one.

 The project is locally being run by Litter Free Coast and Sea, who have been working with Damers First School Eco Club, and Dorset County Council Sustainable Schools to get Poundbury refilling.

Damers First School got involved after being inspired by National Recycling Week in September where the whole school took part in their classrooms. Four children had the chance to go to London to meet Mark Janovich, CEO of Delphis Eco who launched the first 100% UK Post-Consumer Recycled Bottle. They also had the chance to meet Prince Charles's Sustainability Officer at Clarence House, who spoke about Prince Charles's Plastic Ocean work. Edd Moore, Eco Club coordinator, said ‘From all this the children wanted to do their bit locally to help cut down on the use of plastic that is so much harm to the environment and marine wildlife.’

The Damer's pupils proudly holding Delphis Eco's new PCR packaging with our CEO, Mark Jankovich. 

The Eco Club wrote to local businesses in Poundbury, explaining about the Refill scheme, and why it was important to get involved. After one afternoon, they had signed up 18 businesses in the town, with more wanting to get involved since.

Alison Jay, Sustainable Schools Project Officer at Dorset County Council, said ‘This brilliant scheme will make a real difference to people in Poundbury and to the environment. It just shows what a group of confident and knowledgeable children can achieve. They are just the sort of champions the world needs, and a great example of an Eco-School working in the wider community to make a difference.’

There are now over 100 Refill stations in Dorset, ranging from more obvious venues such as cafes and coffee shops, to slightly more obscure ones such as a publishing company and estate agents. Charlie Wild said ‘Single use plastic bottles are still one of the most common items of litter we find on litter picks and beach cleans. It is a simple switch that will make a big difference – both here in Dorset, and further afield.’  

The lovely handwritten letter written by Sophie of Damer's.

Each business proudly displays a ‘Refill here’ blue sticker in their window to show customers it’s OK to ask. To make it easy to find your nearest #Refill station, all the Dorset businesses who’ve signed up are mapped on the Refill Britain App available for free for iOS and android smartphones. Simply tap the app, search for your nearest station, and get refilling!


To discover more about the Refill stations in Dorset, visit


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The tube of magic: Bio Fizzy Tablets explained

The tube of magic: Bio Fizzy Tablets explained



goodbye fatberg...

bio fizzy tablets gobble up fat in just 5 days 

Delphis Eco's Bio Fizzy Tablets consume a thick layer of fat and in just 4 days; leaving the drain fully functioning, clean and odour free. 


Case study:

Hertford Junior School in Hollingdean, Brighton, accumulated substantial fat deposits created a 'fatberg' in one of its drains. This blockage caused noxious sewage smells in parts of the school. 

The solution: 

To use Delphis Eco's Bio Fizzy Tablets on an intensive basis for several days to reduce the fat build up and begin to clear the drain of smells. On day one, 4 tablets were dissolved into a bucket of tepid water and poured into the drain. 



The results:

In just 5 days the thick layer of fat was broken down and dissolved using a total of just 16 Bio Fizzy Tablets. The fat has been consumed and dissolved using friendly bacteria and will continue to consume fat wherever it finds it. This will enhance the flow across the entire drain system. 


To buy your tube of Bio Fizzy Tablets click  here










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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Monday marks World Kindness Day. At Delphis Eco we embody kindness in everything we do. 


Kindness to your skin and people - our products are less toxic and nasty than many other comparison brands, 


Kindness to animals - we have never and will never test on animals.


Kindness to the environment - all of our products contain specialist ingredients that are 'readily biodegradable', which means they biodegrade within 28 days. 



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Product test: X Factor Spot Cleaner

Product test: X Factor Spot Cleaner

At Delphis Eco we are all about wellbeing and kindness, one of the reasons that here at Delphis Eco HQ we all sit on yoga balls - it's better for our posture, balance and focus.

The orders team hard at work on their yoga balls.

Once in a while it's time to clean our chair of choice and it can be a little tricky. Luckily we had our X Factor spot cleaner on hand to slice through the dirt. X Factor is perfect for tough stains, biro marks, red wine spills and more. 

Here's one that's got a little grubby, and we've helpfully put it next to some flowers for a comparison of what clean looks like. 

A close up of the grime. 


Our spot cleaner: X Factor getting to work.


To get your hands on a bottle of X Factor click here.



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In honour of Remembrance Day this year, Delphis Eco are donating £1 to the Royal British Legion for every box we sell.

In honour of Remembrance Day this year, Delphis Eco are donating £1 to the Royal British Legion for every box we sell.

In honour of Remembrance Day this year, Delphis Eco are donating £1 to the Royal British Legion for every box we sell. The Royal British Legion, is a British charity providing financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and dependants. That’s £1 per box for an entire week, and it couldn’t go to a more worthy cause. We’ll also be observing a minute’s silence on the 11/11/17 in our offices – no phonecalls, emails or business. #BoxForBritain


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Celebrate Bonfire Night the greener way

Celebrate Bonfire Night the greener way

This Bonfire Night Delphis Eco offer 3 tips on how to have a greener bonfire...

Bonfire Night is great fun but the emissions created are much larger than you might expect. The government stated in 2012 that celebrations of November 5th had a worse effect on the UK's air quality than emissions from the country's waste incinerators for an entire year. 

We are promoting a greener bonfire by sticking to a few simple pointers: 

1. Try to only burn dry, clean and natural materials.  These could be products such as untreated wood or waste from your own garden. 

2. Don’t burn any manmade materials such as plastics, oil, rubber, or anything with a chemical or plastic coating, as these all produce huge amounts of pollutants.

3. Small switches – such as steering clear of firelighters and using dry leaves for kindling – will massively reduce the amount of smoke your fire produces.

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Halloween treats

Halloween treats

In celebration of Halloween mess and sticky fingers we're baking up a storm at Delphis Eco HQ. These pumpkin and orange cakes are a perfect way to incorporate seasonal pumpkins into your cake cupboard. Instead of just creating pumpkin lanterns try our halloween treats with the recipe below! 



  1. Heat oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Butter and line a 30 x 20cm baking or small roasting tin with baking parchment. Put the flour, sugar, spice, bicarbonate of soda, sultanas and salt into a large bowl and stir to combine. Beat the eggs into the melted butter, stir in the orange zest and juice, then mix with the dry ingredients till combined. Stir in the pumpkin. Pour the batter into the tin and bake for 30 mins, or until golden and springy to the touch.
  2. To make the frosting, beat together the cheese, butter, icing sugar, orange zest and 1 tsp of the juice till smooth and creamy, then set aside in the fridge. When the cake is done, cool for 5 mins then turn it onto a cooling rack. Prick it all over with a skewer and drizzle with the rest of the orange juice while still warm. Leave to cool completely.
  3. If you like, trim the edges of the cake. Give the frosting a quick beat to loosen, then, using a palette knife, spread over the top of the cake in peaks and swirls. If you’re making the cake ahead, keep it in the fridge then take out as many pieces as you want 30 mins or so before serving. Will keep, covered, for up to 3 days in the fridge.

Once baked, simply wash hands with our Delphis Eco hand soap and wipe the surfaces down with our multi-purpose cleaner, or if for super tough stains - our specialist X Factor will do the trick. 


Happy halloween! 




*Recipe found at BBC good food. 

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Delphis Eco the cleaning potion of choice for Dark Arts Coffee.

Delphis Eco the cleaning potion of choice for Dark Arts Coffee.

Dark Arts coffee is inconspicuous, almost hard to find, just off a busy road, under a railway arch in Hackney, east London. The first thing you’ll probably see is a motorbike or two in the yard, before welcoming smell of the coffee hits you.

Dark Arts was set up by a group of friends, who by their own admission have “never made a business decision sober”, but they love what they do and they love coffee even more. 

It makes for interesting ‘furniture’ to drink your coffee amongst the machinery that brought it to life.

The Dark Arts team

Delphis: Why did you begin using Delphis Eco, and what difference have you noticed since?

Talia: I’ve been in London for 6 years now, working in hospitality, and managing coffee shops. One of the shops I worked in was really keen to use Delphis Eco, because it’s environmentally friendly. I’d used it there and knew it worked well, so when I set up Dark Arts Coffee it was an easy choice for us. We had some other products lying around the kitchen, and no one ever wanted to do the washing up because it made their hands really gross, one of my staff was getting tough, scabbed skin. Once I had our Delphis Eco order replace the other stuff, we really noticed the difference on our hands. Oh my god my hands are so much better! So I think about the environmental impact of what we do, but I also worry about my staff and the effects on their health. I have to use something that’s safe for them, which they’re happy using. We prepare food here, so we’re cleaning as we go, all day every day, we just can’t use harsh chemicals in our daily life. I always recommend Delphis Eco.


D: Why are there so many vegan options at Dark Arts, but also bacon and fish on offer alongside it?

T: I'm veggie, Brad’s a meat eater, some of us are vegan, and our group of friends could never find somewhere decent we all wanted to eat together. Sometimes vegan food can be done in such a boring way, but we want to make something delicious, where our meat eater-friends were excited by the menu too. It’s also important that we could give everyone a straight answer about what meat we use and show we're choosing wisely. Our meat is sourced from a farmer we know – we have to be accountable for everything we do and everything we use, the quality of our food depends on it. We can only be certain we’re giving people great food when we know exactly where everything we use comes from

Talia - Dart Arts owner.

D: Where do you see Dart Arts’ place in looking after the environment?

T: It's super important to us, as we rely on products which are farmed, coffee beans to plant-based cleaning products, and obviously these depend on the environment they grow in. So if we don’t choose responsibly, and make sure it’s sustainable, then our quality is not ensured for the future.

In regards to how we see ourselves looking to help the environment, it really comes down to choosing products such as Delphis Eco. Also, our menu which is trying to promote vegan options and vegetarianism, it’s so important right now. If anyone has watched any recent food exposés, you’ll know this is important, and it’s also making people eat consciously, and with less effect on the planet. Our eggs and some of our produce comes from Brockmans, which is a biodynamic-organic supplier and then our meat comes from Hill & Szok. Every decision is a chance to be sustainable.

To find out more about Dark Arts Coffee head to:

To switch to a more sustainable cleaning choice visit,



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What does Delphis Eco mean to the RSPB?

What does Delphis Eco mean to the RSPB?


Here at Delphis Eco, it’s no surprise that we value the important work the RSPB do to give nature a home, and are honoured to have them amongst some of our oldest customers. We spoke to RSPB’s Environmental Manager, Sarah, about why they chose Delphis Eco, and what sustainability means for them.

Delphis: What does sustainability mean for you at RSPB?

Sarah: The RSPB works to save nature, which is in dire trouble, around the world and in the UK. We’re facing mass extinctions, and one of the key reasons is that we’re living unsustainably; we’re using too much of the wrong stuff, especially in the west. The RSPB has to demonstrate responsible action, and show that we can care for our world and maintain a quality of life too. We have limited resources and we have a lot to do to save nature. So it’s great to find simple things that everyone can do to be more sustainable, like using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals on our sites.


Compost crew – staff digging out our compost bins at Sandy HQ

Delphis: What products did you use before? Why did you change?

Sarah: Within the RSPB each workplace choses their own suppliers and products, but we recommend Delphis Eco across all of our sites, and we provide guidance for staff and cleaners. Delphis Eco products are important for us for practical reasons too, because a lot of our sites aren’t on mains sewage. We have to pick carefully as we don’t want chemicals upsetting the microbes in our septic tanks! Delphis Eco fits the bill.

D: What support have Delphis Eco provided?

S: Initially I went through your ingredients, to check they meet our own environmental policy and the information was really helpful and straightforward

D: How do you see your place in looking after the environment?

S: Of direct relevance is the need to maintain the water quality and not cause any unnecessary pollution. This is crucial for our wetland nature reserves. As an organisation, we have our own environmental management system, to monitor and minimise our own impacts. We have five objectives - carbon emissions, waste, water, legal compliance and buying (how products we use may have an effect on global wildlife). We also encourage other organisations we may work with to do the same.


Great White Egret – fishing at our Ham Wall reserve


D: How do you see your place / influence in the community?

S: We have an amazing community of supporters of the RSPB, over 1 million members. We couldn’t survive without them. And it’s not just subscriptions, people are also incredibly generous with their time - we are lucky to have many fantastic volunteers. Each nature reserve is part of its local community too. Our reserves are wonderful places to relax, exercise or meet up with friends and family. Nature gives us so much and we need to take better care of our environment however we can.


The sun bear is the RSPB's poster boy for their Environmental Purchasing Policy, which includes cleaning products.


To find out more about the RSPB's work and how to get involved head to:

To try some of the products mentioned by Sarah go to:


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Today Bread - meet our customer

Today Bread - meet our customer

Graphic designer turned baker, Alexandre, likes to take things slowly. His sourdough takes three days to make, and usually sells out. He set up Today Bread in Walthamstow a month ago, carefully considering every element of Today Bread to ensure it has the best possible impact in the community and the environment. They bake with organic flour, crowdfunded their oven, deliver the bread by cargo bike to local customers, and use Delphis Eco cleaning products to reduce their environmental impact.


They discovered Delphis Eco by recommendation, and feel confident using them, as trusting their suppliers is critical to ensuring the delivery of the bakery’s core values. They selected their coffee roasters based on their ethical treatment of coffee farmers, and any unsold bread at the end of the day is reincarnated as bread pudding, or, more often, given to local foodbank Heat or Eat. Each large or small action they take pays careful homage to their social and environmental values.


Today Bread’s day to day actions are firmly rooted in their local community, and they understand their place in it. Where each thing comes from, and ends up, is a conscious choice, which is why Delphis Eco is a perfect fit for them; “we’re trying to create an environment and it’s important that everything in this environment goes together” Alexandre believes. Delphis Eco’s environmentally-friendly cleaning products simply help them ensure their actions are consistent with their philosophy of doing things carefully, responsibly, and traceably. Delphis Eco cleaning products are plant-based, and have all been designed to have the least possible impact on aquatic life. Further to this, the products come in concentrate form, which saves vital storage space in the small bakery, and also reduces their carbon footprint.  This means that something as crucial as maintaining high standards of food hygiene, doesn’t require Today Bread to compromise on their sustainable and environmentally conscious business model.


Provenance is a central tenet for Today Bread. They don’t even sell croissants, which would need to be made off-site. Even though the small team of bakers get asked for croissants most days, they won’t buy them in. Alexandre says of his food, “I need to know exactly what’s inside and where it’s come from. Perhaps one day when we can make our own croissants in this kitchen…” Until then, customers will just have to enjoy all the other delicious offerings at Today Bread, and maybe try something completely new – it seems to be working, the customers keep coming back!

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